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Deep Fry a Turkey

Wed, 11/17/2010 - 23:54

Summary: /* What you'll need */

[[Image:Turkeyfry1.jpg|thumb|left|300px|Photo by Gunther Hagleitner/[http://www.flickr.com/photos/hagleitn/4137721204/ Flickr]/CC]]
Thanksgiving is a quintessentially American holiday, and there are few cooking styles more American than deep frying. So why not put the two together and deep-fry your turkey?

If your skills in the tool shed are stronger than your skills in the kitchen, then you'll probably find it pretty easy to deep-fry a turkey. But you should be aware that open flames, splattering boiling oil and deep-fried foods are all pretty dangerous. After mishaps with dried-out Christmas trees, deep-fried–turkey disasters are the most common cause of holiday fires.

Luckily for you, we've put together this handy guide so your deep-fried turkey is not only delicious, but safe.

''This article is part of '''a wiki anyone can edit.''' If you have advice to add about frying that bird, log in and contribute.''
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==What you'll need==

* '''A small to medium size turkey.''' Under 18 pounds works best. Any larger, and the skin will likely burn before the inside meat is fully cooked, ruining one of the best things about a deep-fried turkey: delicious crispy skin.

* '''A very large stock pot.''' You need a pot large enough to completely submerge your turkey in oil. Generally, something in the 40-to-50-quart range will work. Head to your local restaurant-supply store to find large, cheap pots.

* '''A fryer basket or handle.''' While you're at the restaurant supply store, pick up a fryer basket or [http://www.flickr.com/photos/hagleitn/4136956047/ turkey brace] large enough to hold your bird, yet small enough to fit inside your pot. Instructions for making one yourself are in the next section.

* '''An outdoor burner.''' Don't even think about doing this inside your house.

* '''Thermometers.''' Both an oil/candy thermometer with a long probe and a meat thermometer would be ideal. An infrared thermometer for checking your oil temperature is even better, since you can check it from a distance.

* '''A lot of oil.''' Head to one of the big-box stores and stock up on peanut or sunflower oil (or another oil with a high smoking point)

* '''Protective gloves, goggles and jacket.''' Cover up good to prevent any splattering oil from sending you to the emergency room.

* '''You can use a turkey fryer''' if you want. They're sold at camping stores and big-box hardware stores. But you can probably find everything you need for less money -- especially if you already own a propane grill, a large pot or both.


The first thing to do is make sure your turkey is '''completely thawed''' and defrosted -- water (from ice or melting ice) and hot oil make a very dangerous combination.

Remove the neck and giblets if there are any, along with a pop-up thermometer if your turkey came with one.

You'll need a metal basket or handle to submerge the turkey into the oil. Many companies make fryer baskets big enough to hold a turkey, because of the popularity of these deep-fried holiday treats.

If you don't have a deep-frying basket large enough to hold a turkey, you can make your own handle. Place the turkey on its shoulders (where the head was) and run some heavy gauge wire through the body, just beneath the breast (by the wings). Pull the wire through and loop back around, pulling it through several times to make a handle. Twist up any excess wire so you don't cut yourself and be sure to test your handle to make sure it is strong enough to pick up your turkey.

Now it's time to get your burner ready. Find a flat, stable surface outside to hold your burner. Make sure the area is dry and well ventilated and that there's nothing flammable in the vicinity. Keep in mind that some oil will probably spill or spatter, and that new deck you built over the summer may gain some unwanted character. Use the neighbor's lawn if they are away visiting for the holiday.

<blockquote style="margin-left:20px; padding:10px 0; border-bottom:5px solid #333; border-top:5px solid #333; display:block; float:right; width:200px; font-size:12px; color:#666;">'''Tip 1:''' If you're brining your turkey, use the same pot for both brining and frying. Just measure the displacement using brine instead of water.<br />'''Tip 2:''' If you're too lazy to measure, just use 3 gallons of oil. It usually comes in a box just that size. If it isn't enough, assume a nose-dive orientation into the fryer, leaving the ankle and keister high and dry (nobody eats those parts anyways).</blockquote>
Find out how much oil you'll need by performing a quick displacement measurement. Fill your pot with water and immerse the turkey. The water level should cover the turkey completely, but still be five or six inches below the rim of your pot. Remove the turkey and note water level -- this is how much oil you'll need in the pot. Aren't you a little Archimedes?

Now wash your turkey inside and out, and pat it dry. Make sure it is very dry. Then season it however you would like.

'''Thoroughly dry both the pot and the turkey before continuing'''

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[[Image:Turkeyfry2.jpg|thumb|630px|left|Photo by James McCauley/[http://www.flickr.com/photos/nukeit1/66530600/ Flickr]/CC]]

Deep-frying a turkey is a really a two-person job. You need one person to always be with the turkey -- keeping an eye on the pot, making sure the oil isn't smoking and that the turkey is cooking properly -- and another person to help out.

To get started, fill your completely dry pot with oil up to the point you noted earlier when you took your volume measurement.

Light your burner and let the oil heat up to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or 175 degrees Celsius.

Put on the protective gloves, goggles and jacket. Using a metal hook to hold your wire handle, pick up the bird. Have the person helping you turn off the burner while you put the turkey in the oil -- this will prevent one of the major source of deep fryer accidents, spattering oil hitting the open flame.

Turn off the burner and gently, slowly lower the bird into the oil. The reaction -- even with a completely dry bird -- will be violent. Oil will probably bubble up and spray on your gloves. Be extremely careful and lower the turkey into the oil slowly to minimize splattering. Don't ever just drop it in -- this is the No. 1 mistake first-timers make.

Once your bird is in the oil, the hard part is over. Relight the burner, and you can relax a bit and set the timer -- generally allow between three and four minutes of cooking time per pound of turkey. A 15-pound turkey will take around 45 minutes.

'''Never leave the turkey fryer unattended.'''

Once the turkey has cooked for the allotted about of time, check to make sure it's an even, golden brown. If it passes the visual check, remove the bird and check the internal temperature with a food thermometer. The internal temperature should be 165 degrees to 170 degrees Fahrenheit in the breast and 175 degrees to 180 degrees Fahrenheit in the thigh.

When your turkey is done, allow it to cool, and remove the wire handle.

== Safety Tips ==

* Watch [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kspx1oOP_fE this safety hazards video from Underwriters Laboratories] before proceeding.

* Always keep a grease fire extinguisher handy, make sure your extinguisher is rated for grease fires.

* Don't cook the turkey on a wood deck. If the fryer boils over the flame will immediately cause [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kspx1oOP_fE a violent fire] and your deck will be fuel. Instead, place the fryer on a stable place where it will not tip over.

* Make sure other people -- especially children -- and pets stay away from the cooking area.

* Allow the oil to cool completely before recycling or storing.

* Immediately wash hands, utensils, equipment and surfaces that have come in contact with raw turkey.

== Further expediency ==

If 45 minutes it too long, use Thermite to prepare a turkey in under a minute.


==Other Thanksgiving How-tos==

Continue your quest for culinary domination with these guides:

* [[Roast a Turkey]]
* [[Serve Fast Food on Thanksgiving]]
* [[Make a Cherpumple]]
* [[Time Your Thanksgiving Dinner]]

[[Category:Food and Drink]]

Rip, Convert and Put DVD Movies to iPhone 4 on Mac

Wed, 11/17/2010 - 09:05

Summary: New page: ==Introduction== The [http://www.ifunia.com/iphone-column/index.html iPhone 4] is a slate smartphone developed by Apple. It is the fourth generation of iPhone, and successor to the iPhone ...

The [http://www.ifunia.com/iphone-column/index.html iPhone 4] is a slate smartphone developed by Apple. It is the fourth generation of iPhone, and successor to the iPhone 3GS. It is particularly marketed for video calling, consumption of media such as books and periodicals, movies, music, and games, and for general web and e-mail access. It was announced on June 7, 2010, at the WWDC 2010 held at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, and was released on June 24, 2010 in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan.

The iPhone 4 runs Apple's iOS operating system, the same operating system as used on previous iPhones, the iPad, and the iPod Touch. It is primarily controlled by a user's fingertips on the multi-touch display, which is sensitive to fingertip contact.

The most noticeable difference between the iPhone 4 and its predecessors is the new design, which incorporates an uninsulated stainless steel frame that acts as the device's antenna. The internal components of the device are situated between two panels of chemically strengthened aluminosilicate glass.[8] It has an Apple A4 processor and 512 MB of eDRAM, twice that of its predecessor and four times that of the original iPhone. Its 3.5-inch (89 mm) LED backlit liquid crystal display with a 960×640 pixel resolution is marketed as the "Retina Display". Some iPhone 4 buyers have reported signal reduction when the phone is held in certain ways, especially in the left hand, as the antenna problem is in the bottom left corner of the phone's side casing. The company has offered customers a free case until September 30, 2010, or a refund within 30 days of purchase, as cases have been shown to correct this antenna problem. The latest operating system release, iOS 4.1, added functionality such as high dynamic range photos and the Game Center.

More knowledge of iPhone 4 on Wikipedia.org.
If you’ve got a 4th-generation iPhone ("iPhone 4"), one of the things you probably want to do is put DVD movies on it. Since the new iPhone 4 display has 960*640 resolution, movies will do look great on the new device, and it’s a lot easier to carry around than a laptop or portable DVD player.

Everyone's favorite free open-source DVD ripper, HandBrake, can extract video from unprotected DVDs as well as from Video_TS folders and individual VOB files. If you were prescient enough to implant chapter markers in your video project when you first created it, HandBrake can extract specific chapters or groups of chapters. On the commercial side of things, Roxio’s $40 Crunch and Toast Titanium 10 can also convert Video_TS folders, though you can’t extract scenes from them. Well, my favorite tool is $29 iFunia DVD to iPhone 4 Converter for Mac. It helps you easily convert both encrypted and unencrypted DVDs to [http://www.ifunia.com/iphone-column/iphone-supported-video-audio-formats.html iPhone 4 supported formats] with perfect quality on Mac OS. You don't need to know about video formats or settings to convert DVD to iPhone - just run the iFunia DVD to iPhone 4 converter for Mac, open DVD, select a ready-made preset, and hit Start. Here are the easy steps.

===Step 1 Launch iFunia DVD to iPhone 4 Converter and load your DVD===
Now get your DVD disc and insert it. Then run [http://www.ifunia.com/dvd-to-iphone-converter-mac.html iFunia DVD to iPhone 4 Converter] on your Mac and click the big button "Load..." to load your DVD disk, you may see the name of DVD Movie disk if you insert DVD disk before running this DVD ripper tool (see the image below to have an idea). This may take up to a minute or two depending on the contents of the DVD and the speed of your optical drive.<br><br>

===Step 2 Output Settings for iPhone 4===
It's for sure that if you want to play videos on iPhone 4, you should make the video file compatible with iPhone 4 first. On iFunia DVD to iPhone 4 Converter for Mac, you can easily set the output video format for iPhone 4 from in "Convert to" drop-down list. And remember to set the output directory to save the converted files in "Save to" drop-down list. You can do simple editing like trimming, cropping, adding special effects and watermark to video by clicking "Edit". Real-time preview provided while editing.<br><br>
===Step 3 Convert DVD Movies to iPhone 4 on Mac and Transfer/Sync to iTunes===
When the settings are done, click the Conversion Button "Start" to start conversion. And then the program will automatically start to convert DVD Movies to iPhone 4 file. After conversion, importing your converted DVD Movies ([http://www.ifuniadvdripper.com/guide/itunes-video-audio-format.html iTunes supported videos]) to iTunes library, then, connecting your iPhone 4 to computer via USB cable, iTunes will detect your iPhone 4. After that, click iTunes "File -> Sync iPhone", and the files will be transferred to your iPhoen 4 from iTunes library. When updating completed, you will find the DVD Movies on you iPhone 4.
* You can select any subtitle and audio track on DVD for ripping to iPhone 4 MP4 video.
* You can do simple editing like trimming, cropping, adding special effects and watermark to video by clicking "Edit". Real-time preview provided while editing.
* With batch conversion supported, you can append many tasks at one time and iFunia iPhone 4 Video Converter for Mac will convert them one by one for saving your time.
* You can preview the video by selecting the video and clicking Play in the preview pane. You can also take snapshot and save them as jpg, bmp file while preview.
==Things You'll Need==
* An iPhone 4
* A DVD movie you want to copy
* iFunia DVD to iPhone 4 Converter
* iTunes 6 or later
* QuickTime 7.0.4 or later
* Free space on your hard drive

Watch the Leonid Meteor Shower

Tue, 11/16/2010 - 23:45

Summary: /* Where to look */

[[Image:Leonid-EdSweeney.jpg|thumb|300px|left|A Leonid streaks across the sky in 2009. Photo: Ed Sweeney/[http://www.flickr.com/photos/edsweeney/4111291263/ Flickr]/CC]]
The Leonid meteor shower rolls through the sky once a year, peaking in mid-November. It's caused by a trail of debris that travels along the orbit of the comet Tempel-Tuttle.

The 2010 Leonid meteor shower runs from Wednesday, Nov. 10, through Sunday, Nov. 21. The peak will be the nights between the 17th and the 19th.

The Leonids are famous for being spectacular storms -- since the orbit of the Temple-Tuttle comet intersects with that of Earth, the debris cloud our planet passes through each year is dense and full of particles and meteoroids. In optimal viewing conditions on a good year, you can see between 15 and 30 meteors per hour streaking across the sky during the peak.

Read [http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/11/leonid-meteors/ Wired Science's report] anticipating the 2010 Leonid shower.

''This article is part of '''a wiki anyone can edit.''' If you have advice to add about tracking meteors, log in and contribute.''
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==Where to look==

[[Image:500px-Leo constellation map.svg.png|thumb|400px|left|Illustration from [http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Leo_constellation_map.svg Wikimedia Commons]/CC]]
The Leonid meteor shower takes place in the region of the sky around the constellation [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_%28constellation%29 Leo], hence the name. It's primarily visible to those in the Northern Hemisphere. Once you find Leo, that's not the only place you should be looking. That's just the center of the shower, or the "radiant," the point from which the streaks will appear to radiate.

In North America, Leo rises around midnight in the East.

The easiest way to spot Leo with the unaided eye is to look for the familiar shape of the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Dipper Big Dipper], part of the constellation Ursa Major, in the northern sky. Use the same two "pointer stars" on the front edge of the Big Dipper's bowl that you can use to find the North Star, except trace a line in the opposite direction (toward the horizon) about the same distance. You'll wind up right in the middle of Leo. Remember the famous phrase: "A hole in the bowl will leak on Leo."

Leo's defining characteristic is the "sickle," a backwards question mark of bright stars that form the head and mane of the lion. The bright star Regulus is at the bottom of the sickle. Denebola, also quite bright, marks the lion's tail.

If you're familiar with the quadrant system used by most star charts and navigation systems, Leo is in NQ2.

If you have more sophisticated equipment, dial in these coordinates:
* Right Ascension: 11h
* Declination: +15º


No, really -- where the hell is Leo?

If you have an Android phone, get [http://www.google.com/mobile/skymap/ Google Sky Map].

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, get [http://www.star-map.fr/ Starmap] or [http://vitotechnology.com/star-walk.html Star Walk]

==Pick a spot==

Big cities, suburban sprawl and other densely populated areas cause off-light pollution -- that hazy man-made glow that obscures the night sky. Tall buildings and trees can obscure your views as well. If you live in the country, you're golden. You backyard is probably a great option if you turn off all the lights in your house. Otherwise, you may have to travel to somewhere on the outskirts of town, or a nearby mountain. Remember that temperatures can drop considerably overnight, so take an extra fleece for any young observers and a flask of coffee or hot chocolate for the trip home.

Find a nearby star party or shower party -- gatherings of amateur astronomers that usually take over a remote parking lot or corner of a park where viewing conditions are optimal. The gatherings are usually free and full of friendly geeks with sweet meteor-viewing gear. Just be sure to study up on the rules (no headlights!) before you go.

==Best times==

The 2010 Leonid meteor shower peaks during the predawn hours of Wednesday, Nov. 17th, but the predawn hours on Thursday and Friday mornings will also be good times.

Leo rises around midnight in the East, but the moon will be big and bright in the sky for a few more hours. Once the moon sets in the wee hours, you'll have a great viewing window for about two hours before dawn.

See all upcoming astronomy events on [http://www.seasky.org/astronomy/astronomy_calendar_2010.html Sea and Sky's calendar].

==Pack the right gear==

One essential gadget for meteor viewing is a "star light," or a night-vision flashlight that produces a dim red glow. You can't carry a regular flashlight -- the white light ruins your night vision and the night vision of everyone around you for several minutes. You can pick up a special night-vision flashlight at a camping store or a shop that sells telescopes. Or you could simply [http://howto.wired.com/wiki/Make_a_Night_Vision_Flashlight make your own] using red-tinted kitchen plastic wrap and a small flashlight with an old-school bulb (not an LED).

The best views are to be found far away from civilization, so you'll want to make sure you pack for the journey. You're likely spending the night (or a significant portion of it) in the wilderness, so bring water, food, GPS unit, a printed map and climate-appropriate clothing. Also, if you're hiking to a secret spot, make sure you tell somebody where you're headed.

==Take photos==

The Leonids are one of those rare occasions when you can just point a stationary-mounted camera at the Northern sky, leave the shutter open for a few minutes, and end up with a few clear frames of actual shooting stars. Sure, it takes patience and practice, but it's the sort of activity digital photography is made for.

See our guide to [http://howto.wired.com/wiki/Photograph_the_Stars photographing meteor showers] here on the Wired How-to wiki. Add yours below.



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NASA has some [http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.cfm?release=2010-119 information and advice] on meteor viewing.


Make a duck call with a blade of grass

Tue, 11/16/2010 - 15:20


Blowing grass to duck around
The thicker the grass, the better the call


You’re alone in the forest. There’s no one around you. You’re lost. You hear some ducks in the distance. You think to yourself, “These ducks can bring me to safety, or I can eat them and survive another day.” How do you get their attention? You look around—you see some branches. Those won’t suffice. What else? Some mushrooms? Save those for later tonight.

Ahhh…grass! You can use a single blade to lure them your way! Oh, look! A thick blade of crabgrass. This could be the perfect way to attract those ducks! In the following steps, you, too, can learn how to use a blade of grass as a duck call. Disclaimer: This may attract other animals and/or not work.


After placing a blade of grass between his or her thumbs, the caller blows through the gap producing a high-pitched whistle or duck call.


1. Find a pluck a blade of grass that is between 3-5 inches long and no less than ¼-inch wide.

2. With your palm facing up, place the blade of grass lengthwise on the inside of your thumb on your non-dominant hand.

3. With your fingers extended outward on both hands, keep your non-dominant hand facing upwards and bring your dominant hand over it.

4. Press tightly with all fingers aligned, squeezing the piece of grass between the inside knuckles of your thumbs.

5. Raise your thumbs away from your index fingers and spread the other fingers apart.

6. Put your mouth to the gap between your thumb knuckles, and blow.


Few have the skills to harness the sounds of a duck. However, with the right grass, vibrations, and manual dexterity, you too can join the ranks of the masters.

How to sell online

Tue, 11/16/2010 - 07:11

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Wired Japanese

Tue, 11/16/2010 - 07:02

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How to find a good website

Tue, 11/16/2010 - 06:54

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Mon, 11/15/2010 - 23:43

Summary: /* Apps */

[[Image:Meditate-Barron.jpg|thumb|300px|left|Photo by Renee Barron/[http://www.flickr.com/photos/r_x/4327382898/ Flickr]/CC]]

Meditation isn't just something for yogis or crystal-collecting New Age fanatics. It's also for overworked, gadget-loving geeks who need a little bit of downtime in their busy schedules.

Meditation is a scientifically demonstrated method of lowering stress levels and helping your body and mind relax. And, contrary to its image in popular media, meditation isn't difficult, you don't need to be religious, and you don't need to bend yourself into a pretzel to do it. All you need is bit of free time, a quiet place, and some dedication. It takes practice and discipline to get beyond the common n00b stumbling blocks.

''This article is part of '''a wiki anyone can edit.''' If you have apps to recommend, log in and contribute.''

==Getting started==

There are many different kinds of meditation, but nearly all of them share a common goal -- focusing and quieting your mind.

Although it may seem like you're just sitting there doing nothing, it turns out that sitting and doing nothing is actually very difficult -- especially when you first get started.

===Tips for beginners===

'''Start small.''' It will keep you from getting frustrated. Most books on meditation recommend beginners start with a short session of 5-12 minutes.

Find a comfortable chair that you can sit up straight in with your feet flat on the floor. Your dining room chairs will likely work well. Grab a pillow if you need a little extra cushioning.

There's no "best time" to meditate, though being very hungry or very full can be distracting, so avoid both of those times.

<blockquote style="margin-left:20px; padding:10px 0; border-bottom:5px solid #333; border-top:5px solid #333; display:block; float:right; width:200px; font-size:12px; color:#666;">Meditation is a great way to escape the stress of the workday. But while experienced meditators can do this, you mind find it hard to quiet your mind if you just stop working and try to switch to meditation mode. Take a break first -- walk around the building or step away from your desk and relax for a few minutes before settling in.</blockquote>
In the beginning its best to close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing. Breathe freely and deeply, but naturally, don't force the breath. Just let yourself breathe and feel your muscles relax.

Your mind will wander, probably immediately. That's OK. Just bring your attention back to your breath and turn your awareness back to your body, looking for spots you can continue to relax.

Some people find that counting their breaths -- from 1 to 10, then starting over again -- is an effective way to remain focused. Just don't worry if it's some time before you get past 2 without your mind drifting away.

Let people around you know that you will be unavailable for a short time. It is difficult to focus when you are wondering when your kid or a co-worker will interrupt.

In the beginning your mind will trick you, you'll wander off on a train of thought and not even realize it for some time. That's OK, just bring your attention back to your breath whenever you notice that your mind has wandered. Over time (years in most cases) you'll notice that your mind wanders less and less each time you try.

==The wandering mind==

There are several ways to stop your mind from wandering. One, mentioned above, is to focus your attention back on the breath. Another is to use a mantra, something your repeat so that your mind has something to focus on. Yet another is to light a candle a few feet in front of you and stare at the flame.

Some use a signing bowl, or some other drone-producing mechanism that gives your brain something to focus on.

Others will tell you that, to quiet the mind, it's best to avoid any sensory distraction: no sounds, no visual aids and nothing to touch.

Whichever method you use, keep searching for muscles to relax. Meditation isn't a test, and there is nothing wrong with a wandering mind. After all, if your mind didn't wander then you wouldn't have any need to meditate. Work with yourself, not against.


If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, there are some apps you can use:

[http://www.meditate.mx/iphone Equanimity] ($5) is a full-featured meditation helper. It has a timer which chimes at intervals to help you establish a routine or work up to a time-based goal. It also has a log to track your progress and a journal for keeping notes. There's also a free [http://www.meditate.mx/timer browser-based version] you can try.

Do you need a background sound to concentrate on?

[http://ambiance.urbanapps.com/ Ambiance] by Urban Apps ($3) is a popular choice. It has over a thousand background sounds from nature or from everyday life, like wind chimes and water boiling.

[http://www.tmsoft.com/iphone-whitenoise.html White Noise] ($2) and [http://www.simplynoise.com/appstore/index.html SimplyNoise] ($1) are a couple of apps you can use if you prefer a simple drone.

[[Image:Buddhamachine.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The Buddha Machine by FM3]]
Another favorite is the [http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/buddha-machine/id294730223?mt=8 Buddha Machine], a simple app that plays a variety of looping, musical drones. Some are more intrusive than others, but most of them are ambient and pleasant. It's also available as a [http://www.fm3buddhamachine.com/site/ physical device], a small box about the size of a pack of smokes with a built-in speaker. The loops can also be [http://www.fm3buddhamachine.com/site/?page_id=29 downloaded free of charge] under a Creative Commons license.

You might enjoy [http://www.harmonicsystems.net BuddhaBell] ($16 for Windows, $1 for iOS devices). It can time your meditations (including a nice delay time to get comfortable) and plays pleasant bell sounds. It can also play "reminder" bells during the day to help bring your attention back to moment and encourages what the Buddhists call "mindfulness".

''This article is part of '''a wiki anyone can edit.''' If you have apps to recommend, log in and contribute.''

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==Moving past focus==

Once you're able to focus on a single thing -- your breath, a mantra or whatever works for you -- the next step is to focus on nothing at all. This is the "clearing the mind" part of meditation that's probably always sounded a bit mysterious. The truth is it's not easy, but once you've got your attention under control you can begin to let go of the thing that is controlling it.

Push the object of focus away from your mind and simply let it rest. Or continue to observe it, but remain impartial and detached from it. If any thoughts come up, take the same attitude toward them.

==Groups and teachers==

You don't need to practice with a group or a teacher for moderate home practice, say 20 minutes a day. If you want to meditate more than that, or get into more intensive practices, some pretty weird stuff might start to happen. At that point, it could be a good idea to find a group and a teacher to ground and guide your practice.

If you decide to do so, keep your eyes open, do your homework, and shop around for a bit; not everybody in a robe is an enlightened master, and not everybody out of one, isn't, and while genuinely scary cult types are rare, they do exist too. On the other hand, a group and teacher that suit your affinities can greatly help you deepen your practice and deal with the weird or unpleasant stuff that can come up.


While meditation is actually quite easy, it takes a tremendous amount of practice before it will feel natural. Luckily you'll likely begin to notice some of the benefits long before you begin to feel that you're "successful" at meditation. Once you notice the nice relaxed feeling you get after even a short five-minute meditation, you'll find yourself wanting to work more such moments into your day.

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