Kanji Designs from Tribalshapes.com

There is a great internet website that provides great quality images for "FREE" (for personal use). The website is http://www.tribalshapes.com , they have a GREAT (I mean SUPER GREAT) section of Kanji Characters. If your not sure what Kanji Characters are then I will tell you in one sentence. Kanji is a beautiful Japanese / Chinese form of writing, there are estimated to be about 50,000 "Letters", and each one has a special way of drawing it. Wikipedia.org has a lot of information about the subject http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanji .

At Tribalshapes.com you can freely download and use their extensive database of Kanji images for personal use. Tribalshapes.com also has a large selection of other works of art, mainly Vector images that can be used as Tattoos.

I contacted Tribalshapes.com via email asking for a business development contact so I could find out how to go about using their beautiful images in my laser creations. Their response was very simple, our customers are free to use the images as long as they know where they came from.

So please check out their collection, and email us what you want to use.