Bamboo Shoji AC Vents turned into something else. Shoji Shadow Box!

My wife has started decorating with an Asian theme, within the past week I have seen the walls go from semi-gloss white to Asian Red. It looks great, and I offered to compliment her work by laser cutting some Shoji inspired AC vent covers. Well that idea got a little side tracked, when I started playing around with ideas.

For the past several days we have been working on a new product we are calling "Shoji Shadow Box". We have some videos and pictures of the first of many Shoji style decorative boxes.

Here are some pictures of our first prototype design:

Second prototype design:

YouTube hosted video of our first prototype design:

YouTube hosted vide of our second prototype design:

Some links that helped make this happen:

Tutorial on how to draw natural looking bamboo:

Wikipedia Page on Shoji Panels:

Nice plan for Oriental Box of Draws

Many more styles to come.