Etsy Friends and Glass Mosaic Tile

This page will hold links to photos and videos of what's possible for me using the laser on glass mosaic tile. I posted the following message to the Etsy Alchemy forum.

Looking for etsy partner to finish product
posted 1/27/2010 , expires 2/17/2010
I am laser engraving 12x12" glass mosaic tile sheets that contain 111 1x1" glass mosaics. I do not know how to turn these square glass mosaics into a finished necklace or other jewelry item. If you think you can complete the work and sell the finished item in your etsy shop please contact me. I will either agree to a revenue share situation and give you the benefit of the doubt with our first transaction. Or you can out right buy the pieces if your confident you can sell them and want to make it simple.
See my shop for an example of the glass mosaic tile. I gave over 1200 kanji symbols that can be used fit this also.
I had to put an ideal price to post this, I only expect around .75 cents per laser etched tile.

The HomeDepot in my area stocks several types of glass mosaic tile, they typically come in sheets of 12x12” with the square glass tiles connected by some sort of mesh. Some tiles come with a solid opaque back, and others come with no backing.

Some tiles are 1x1” and others are 0.5x0.5”, the smaller tiles (0.5 sq) typically do not have the white opaque backing and do not present a good media for laser etching. But this is my opinion, see the photos below to make up your own mind.

Gold .5x.5” with no backing

Blue 1x1” with a white backing
Engraved from back

Engraved from front

The tiles with the white opaque backing seem to work best, the tiles with no backing do not offer a good medium for laser engraving.

When laser engraving the tiles I can either engrave the front of the tile, or back. Each provides a different finished appearance as you can see below. In my opinion the finish glass looks better when engraved from the back, but that is just my taste, and someone looking to use the glass tiles for jewelry may like the front engraved style.

Now what do people want on these tiles?
Letters and numbers
Symbols (like musical notes)
Clip Art (like Buddha and flags)
Religious Art
Something else we have not considered...