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Future-Proof Your Tech

Wired - Thu, 02/10/2011 - 21:21

Summary: /* Returns, warranties and buy backs */

[[Image:FutureProof.jpg|630px|thumb|left|When it comes to tech, not everything is timeless. Photo by [http://www.flickr.com/photos/x-ray_delta_one/ x-ray delta one]/[http://www.flickr.com/photos/x-ray_delta_one/4734206433/ Flickr]/CC]]

Buying gadgets has become an arms race — you buy the latest and greatest only to have it become obsolete two months later. We're all for sticking with [http://www.lastyearsmodel.org/ last year's model], but when it comes to buying new tech gear you want to make sure you don't buy this year's model two days before it becomes last year's model.

To help make sure your purchases aren't old new before you get home from the store, here's our guide to future-proofing your tech purchases.

''This article is part of '''a wiki anyone can edit.''' If you and your gadgets could exist as-is in 2021 and still be relevant, please log in and contribute.''

==Know the release cycle==

New gadgets don't appear at random. For example, Apple products are so predictable there are website dedicated to tracking the release cycles. Thinking of buying an iPad or iPhone? Check out [http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/ MacRumors' product cycle buying guide] before you do.

Not every company puts out new products with the Metamucil-like regularity of Apple, but here are some basic guidelines:

The [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumer_Electronics_Show Consumer Electronics Show] each January brings not only new laptops, tablets and PCs, but also new chips. That means the Christmas season, and the time leading up to CES is the worst time to buy new PCs. There's a reason gift cards are popular.

Like laptops, new cameras often show up at CES; avoid buying a new camera in the last few weeks of the year. By the same token, come February, last year's models are available at deep discounts to pave the way for the new lineup.

Wait until fall. Typically new models show up at CES and then again in August. Football season in the U.S. means deep discounts even on those models that are only a month or two old. By the same token just before the Super Bowl (but after CES) at the end of January is another good time to upgrade.

==Returns, warranties and buy backs==

Wherever you end up purchasing your gadget, make sure the return policy allows you to easily exchange your purchase should something go wrong. Lemons happen, make sure you're covered.

The usefulness of warranties, particularly "extended warranties," depends on how long you plan to keep your gadgets. If you upgrade frequently, you'll probably want the new version long before the old breaks, making the warranty a waste of money.

What might be more useful is something like Best Buy's "[http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Misc/Buy-Back-Program/pcmcat230000050010.c?id=pcmcat230000050010 Buy Back]" program. Buy back programs allow you to bring in your hardware and exchange it for a gift card worth a percentage of the gadget's original value. You won't come out ahead, but it will save you the trouble of putting your old gadgets on Ebay.

(It should be noted that Best Buy's program a) costs money upfront and b) has been universally panned (Consumer Reports) as a bad deal.)

==Don't buy the hype==

Finally, exercise a little restraint. Sometimes, despite how advertising may portray it there isn't a huge difference between last year's gadgets and this year's gadgets. When you're considering upgrading, make sure you're upgrading for features you'll actually use, not just buying into the hype-induced frenzy.

''Based on an original contribution by Scott Gilbertson.''

Make Whipped Shea Butter for Hair/ Body

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Making whipped shea butter for your hair and body is not only easy, it's fun!

'''See below for the ingredients list, tools need and steps to prepare this creamy treat. ''(FYI: This product is not edible,even though it looks good enough to eat.'')


4-6oz of shea butter

3oz of coconut oil

1.5 oz of jojoba oil

1tsp of cornstarch (optional)

Fragrant or Essential oil of your choice

Hand mixer or electric mixer (I prefer the electric mixer.)


1. Soften the shea butter in the microwave until the consistency resembles a butter stick at room temp. Be careful NOT TO MELT the shea butter down. 30 seconds should be enough time to get it soft. Add the soft shea butter to the mixing bowl. Whip on medium speed until it starts to look like cake batter.

2. Slowly add the coconut oil to the mix. The coconut oil should be in a soft but solid form, NOT melted. The coconut oil will start to make the shea butter
very creamy and fluffy.

3.Add jojoba oil and cornstarch, continue to mix on medium speed.

4.At this point the mixture should look like fluffy frosting. Feel free to add in your fragrant or essential oils at this point.

5.Once everything is well blended turn the mixer off and scoop your whipped shea butter into an empty cosmetic jar of your liking.


'''Store in a cool and dark place until you are ready to use.


**Photos courtesy of buffalosisters.blogspot.com.

Auslogics Disk Defrag Review

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Summary: auslogics disk defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a compact and fast defragmenter that supports both FAT 16/32, and NTFS file systems. It is supplied with an advanced optimization engine that will help you to improve system performance and prevent errors caused by file fragmentation.Support windows 64 bit operating system!

[http://www.auslogics-disk-defrag.org auslogics disk defrag] product images

Optimizes file system
'''Disk Defrag''' will speed up your computer by moving system files to the fastest part of the disk. It will also move data files from the MFT Reserved Zone to prevent MFT fragmentation.

Consolidates free space
In addition Edit defragmenting your files, Disk Defrag can defragment free disk space. The free space is merged into a large contiguous block, which is an effective way of preventing file fragmentation.

Can defrag automatically
This feature ensures that file fragmentation is eliminated as soon as it occurs. You can set Disk Defrag to run automatically when your system goes idle. The program will analyze the disks and defragment them in the background if required.

Provides flexible scheduler
Defragmentation yields better results when it is performed on a regular basis. Disk Defrag is supplied with a flexible scheduler that will help you to schedule defragmentation according to your needs.

Can defrag a single file or folder
Have no time for defragmenting the entire hard drive? With Disk Defrag you can defragment a single file, several files or a folder.

Supports multi-terabyte volumes
Disk Defrag is supplied with a powerful engine that can easily defragment large multi-terabyte volumes. It can also defragment several drives at once, which makes the defragmentation process a lot faster.

Compact & Fast

Smart defragmentation algorithms allow Disk Defrag to run much faster than similar defragmenters and consume less system resources.

How to tie a tie

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Summary: New page: I learned to tie a tie as a female even before my brother learned because of my work as a waitress. I had to teach my brother how to tie a tie, I had to teach people at work, and now I am ...

I learned to tie a tie as a female even before my brother learned because of my work as a waitress. I had to teach my brother how to tie a tie, I had to teach people at work, and now I am going to teach you!

1. At the beginning, the wide end of the tie should be on your right side and the other end should be on your left side.
2. Cross the wide end over the other end. Now there are three areas (Left, Right and Center).
3. Bring the wide end underneath the narrow end from Left to Right.
4. Bring the wide end over from Right to Left.
5. Bring the wide end under the knot to the Center region.
6. Bring the wide end down and pass the loop in front. Ensure that the knot is tightened.
7. Use one hand to pull the narrow end down gently and use the other hand to move the knot up until it reaches the center of the collar.

this is the only tie i know how to tie. if you have any others, or other directions, feel free to contribute!

Control Computer Rack Noise

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Summary: Soundporofing Computer Rack Noise in a Loud Computer Room

Computer racks are famous for emitting unwelcome levels of noise, having adverse effects on the surrounding work environment. For employees that share a common wall to a computer room, or share the room itself, work becomes less productive as the noise keeps churning. Long term impacts if left untreated can resolve in absenteeism, poor productivity, employee turnover, and more. The goal with any computer rack noise is to lower the level of decibel level exposure while still maintaining proper ventilation for the computer.

== Sound Barrier Blankets ==

The soundproofing treatment best suited for a computer rack environment depends on the starting point. If the employees share the room with the computer, there is a two step procedure. The first is to line '''sound panels''' behind the computer flat to the back wall. The purpose here is to capture back slap echoes reflecting off the back wall and propelling out into the room. The second of the two steps involves taking '''sound barrier curtains''' and outlining the perimeter area in front of the computers. Sound barrier blankets are great to serve as isolators, holding the noise to a contained area, while still allowing the computers to breathe.

If the starting point is that the computers are in room A and the people being affected share a common wall in room B, the best and most simple treatment is to hang the same set of sound barrier blankets in the computer room against the common wall. Blankets can block up to 90% of the noise. You do not need sound panels here, as we care less about the echoes inside the computer room.

How to write easy to understand poetry

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'''First think of a theme that is easy to understand.'''

'''Then pick a title related to the theme of the poem.'''

'''Next think of your first line''' this is the most important step because your whole poem will revolve around it.

'''Next try to rhyme at the end of each line''' this will be important becasuse it will make the poem make sense.

'''Also Try to make each line short and to the point''' this will keep the readers attention.

'''The last step is to just have fun with the topics you choose,''' no one likes a boring poem. Just for example here is one of my poems so that you may have an idea.'''


Being happy is a word I have used all the time

To describe an emotion I experienced in my mind

But how can one truly feel this way

When being happy is just a word to say

'''Below is a link to my website'''
'''And next to that is a pic of me'''



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Summary: New page: If you find yourself with a much dreaded cranker sore inside your mouth,take 1 cup of water & mix in 1 table spoon of baking soda,stir and swish lightly in mouth for a minute or two till t...

If you find yourself with a much dreaded cranker sore inside your mouth,take 1 cup of water & mix in 1 table spoon of baking soda,stir and swish lightly in mouth for a minute or two till the whole cup is gone. Repeat every 3 hrs. for 24hrs. & you can {KISS} that cranker sore goodbye.

Buy a Next Gen TV

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Summary: /* LED */

[[Image:BigScreenTVs.jpg|630px|thumb|left|Borna Sammak installation at Best Buy. Photo by [http://www.flickr.com/photos/bensisto/3995663980/in/photostream/ Ben Sisto]/CC]]

Buying a cutting-edge TV used to be a simple process: Go large and then go home. Now there’s a bevy of sweet, new-fangled features to fill out that middle space. Here’s a quick look at how to pick out a next-gen TV.

''This article is part of '''a wiki anyone can edit.''' If you think you could be a personal shopper at an electronics store, please log in and contribute.''

==Answer the Big Question: LCD Vs. Plasma Vs. LED==
Before diving into the fun stuff, it’s prudent to explore the basic display types currently dominating the market. Each has its own quirks:

Typically back-lit by fancy [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_cathode Cold Cathode] Fluorescent Lamps, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid_crystal_display LCD]s make up a sizable chunk of today’s big screen market. Though older sets fumbled fast motion, most next-gen LCDs compete with newer tech thanks to baked-in motion processors.

A multitude of [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_display plasma] cells working in concert lend these displays their rich colors and deep blacks. Weight and power consumption issues are common drawbacks, but the newest class of plasma displays come with a wide variety of power-saving features to combat this.

This off-shoot of LCD boasts increased power efficiency and better contrast levels. Increased viewing angles and thinner panels are also advantages, while high pricing is the marked disadvantage. OLED displays -- an even more efficient take on LED -- is slated to hit the market in the near future as well.

‘’Pro TIP: Always make the LCD vs. Plasma vs. LED decision in a demo-rich setting like an electronics store. You’ll likely spend the next 5-10 years staring at this device, so comparing, contrasting, and developing a keen eye is crucial.’’

==Find the Right Motion for Your Ocean==
With your foundation laid, it’s time to dabble in motion processing. In layman’s terms, this image stabilizing tech minimizes the judder, blurring, and unwanted artifacts that result from displaying fast motion.

On top of the added expense, each manufacturer brands their tech differently (TruMotion, MotionFlow, AquoMotion, and ClearScan are just a few). While a little processing can go a long way, too much can hit the pocketbook hard.

Find a middle ground and carefully consider your viewing habits when weighing this feature. While one method of motion processing may improve the look of live sports, it might also add an eerie camcorder quality to movies and games.

==To 3D or Not to 3D==
The future of television is the Z-axis. But remember that there are two types of 3D offered on today’s sets -- active, and passive. Active displays employ pricey, powered glasses, while passive relies on cheaper polarized lenses akin to sunglasses.

Spring for 3D -- a passive setup if you can -- but only if the price is right. At best, it’ll add an exciting new element that further immerses you into your content. At worst, it’ll be an innocuous feature collecting dust.

==Explore The Web==
Web-connected TVs are quickly becoming common, making on-screen widgets the norm. Even social media apps for Twitter and Facebook are popping up on TV screens everywhere.

The goal is to add, but not overwhelm. Most next-gen sets now allow you to tailor on-screen widgets to personal taste, so toeing the line between a discreet ticker and a full-screen info-splosion has never been easier. We like a weather widget in the morning and a little news ticker after work, but feel free to experiment with this burgeoning feature.

‘’PRO TIP: Not every connected TV is created equal. Figure out whether you’re committing to WiFi/Ethernet connectivity, and test to make sure your connected experience remains speedy before piling on the widgets.’’

==Stream Away==
Your next eye-popping, web-enabled TV shouldn’t be a blank slate in terms of entertainment. Try to nab a unit that comes ready with streaming video and music services like Netflix, Amazon VOD, Vudu, and even Pandora.

The goal is to beef up your existing entertainment options. Do you want to sift through your streaming Netflix queue without cracking open a notebook? Rent new releases or old episodes of your favorite shows? All of this (and more) is possible with the right selection of baked in resources.

And always remember, today’s televisions aren’t just dumb screens--they’re dynamic entertainment platforms. If you buy with that strategy in mind, future proofing might prove to be less of an issue than you think.

''Modified from an entry originally by Terrence Russell.''

Know The Jones Act and Quality of Life

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Summary: New page: Many maritime workers do not know that the laws governing maritime work injuries are not covered under “ordinary” workers compensation procedures and legislation. The Jones Act is fede...

Many maritime workers do not know that the laws governing maritime work injuries are not covered under “ordinary” workers compensation procedures and legislation. The Jones Act is federal law that covers various aspects of an employer operating at sea. Anyone looking for Jones Act information should know that offshore oil rigs, boats, and other seafaring vessels are covered under the Jones Act.

A [http://www.1800jonesact.com/ Jones Act Lawyer] understands the ins and outs of the Jones Act, and know what portion of it covers injured workers. Jones Act information includes a potential far greater amount of compensation for a work-related injury than you might typically find under workers compensation law.

Maritime attorneys specialize in cases that involve accident or injury of a worker on a seafaring vessel. Jones Act information is readily available online, but when an injured worker talks to maritime attorneys, he or she will discover that a settlement quite higher than previously thought may be available.

Jones Act information shows that a worker injured aboard a maritime vessel may be eligible not just for lost wages and medical expenses, but for quality of life deductions as well. If an injury on a maritime vessel has caused significant loss of quality of life for the injured worker, maritime attorneys will tell the worker that he or she may expect compensation above and beyond loss of work wages and medical expenses.

Because there are many ins and outs to making a [http://www.1800jonesact.com/ Jones Act claim] that a “regular” workers compensation attorney may not know, maritime attorneys are a reliable and trusted place for injured maritime workers to look for information. Maritime attorneys will help an injured worker get the kind of compensatory settlement that he or she deserves, based on the employer, the nature of the injury, loss of quality of life, and other circumstances that go along with an injury incurred on a seafaring vessel.

Jones Act information is important to understand for any worker who is injured while working a maritime job. Maritime attorneys will spare no details in helping an injured worker obtain the settlement that they deserve after dealing with a painful, even life-changing injury. Workers looking for Jones Act information after a work injury can rely on maritime attorneys to provide the chances for a good settlement in a fair way, based on years of experience and understanding of Jones Act information.

Maritime attorneys know the complexities of Jones Act information, and are willing to help injured maritime workers best benefit from the information.

Understand Texas Workers Compensation

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Summary: New page: In the state of Texas, workers compensation law is enacted by the Texas Legislature and administered by the Texas Department of Insurance. The U.S. Constitution and federal government have...

In the state of Texas, workers compensation law is enacted by the Texas Legislature and administered by the Texas Department of Insurance. The U.S. Constitution and federal government have left it to the jurisdiction of the states to determine their own workers compensation laws.

That said, the United States federal government created the Federal Employment Compensation Act to provide federal employees (non-military) with compensation from injuries, disabilities, or death occurring from government work. The act is managed by the Office of Workers Compensation Programs and much of the language provided in the federal act is present in state statutes concerning workers compensation.

There are also a number of specific acts enabled to protect certain industrial workers. The Merchant Marine Act (or Jones Act), which protects seamen from employee negligence on the water, was adopted in 1920. The Federal Employment Liability Act (FELA) which protects interstate railroad workers from injury on the job. The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA) that helps protect private maritime employees. And also a Black Lung Benefits Act which was set up for miners suffering from pneumoconiosis (black lung) and helps with disability payments to miners.

Most states are able to draw from the federal acts in place to create their own comprehensive state compensation plan. Texas workers compensation law is located in Texas Labor Code under Title 5, Workers Compensation.

[http://www.complawyers.net/ Texas workers compensation lawyers] are they to make sure employees who are injured on the job or suffer some sort of disablement will be compensated with financial stability in relative proportion to their loss. They also makes sure that the injured workers family is taken care of if such an incident occurs. Texas workers compensation statues establish the framework for these laws.

If you are an employee awarded [http://www.complawyers.net/ Texas workers compensation] benefits, there are four types of workers compensation benefits awarded including income, medical, burial, or death benefits and four corresponding income benefits called temporary income benefits, impairment income benefits, supplemental income benefits, and lifetime income benefits. There is a maximum amount of weekly benefits an employee may receive and it cannot exceed the SAWW or state average weekly wage.

Your income benefit is established by calculating an average of wages over the thirteen weeks prior to your injury. In this calculation you can include overtime wages and any non-monetary wages that the employer has stopped since your injury such as health insurance. An employee becomes eligible for Texas insurance benefits after missing eight days from work and benefits end when you have healed or are physically able to earn you weekly wage again, or when at the end of 104 weeks (whichever is sooner).

For more information on Texas workers compensation benefits visit their website, www.tdi.state.tx.us.

Find Maritime Lawyers That Can Help

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Summary: New page: I was one of few females working on a shipping barge that docked just outside Houston, Texas. There were not many other packing vessels that were stationed at my location, so my employment...

I was one of few females working on a shipping barge that docked just outside Houston, Texas. There were not many other packing vessels that were stationed at my location, so my employment was unique in that aspect as well. I worked there for over ten years, and I thought I would spend the rest of my working career on that barge until my injury happened.

I fell down a flight of steps that led into a utility closet below the deck. When that happened, the load I was carrying fell on me, and broke my back in two places. I had to be air lifted from the boat because no one wanted to move me very much, much less transport me via car because it was a spine injury.

I knew right away that one of the first things I should do was contact a [http://www.1800jonesact.com/ Houston Maritime Lawyer]. I did not know what to expect and got pretty nervous when I was asked some questions by my employer after the accident. I felt that I should get in touch with a lawyer who knew something about Workers Compensation especially related to the shipping industry.

I learned along the way that normal Workers Compensation laws weren’t going to cover me, and that I needed to talk to Houston Maritime Lawyer who was specialized and very familiar with the Jones Act. I was scared for my health, my finances, and my family’s future. I did not feel that I had anywhere to turn, and was nervous about what my next best step should be.

Fortunately, around this time I received a free consultation from the lawyers at 1800JonesAct. A [http://www.1800jonesact.com/ Texas Jones Act Attorney] cares about their clients and are very familiar with ship related injuries. Though they care a lot, they are also incredibly aggressive and as my representative were able to get me more from my claim than I ever thought possible. I am glad that I contacted them, otherwise I could have compromised my future health.

Since I made the decision to go with them, I no longer have to worry about my family’s future. The Maritime Law Attorneys at 1800JonesAct helped me tremendously. Things are set in place for me to take care of all my needs and my family’s needs. Due to my injuries, I would never have to set foot on that barge again and I wouldn’t want to, especially after the way I was treated when I sustained my injury.

Know What to Do if You Are Injured on a Boat

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Summary: New page: If you have been injured on a boat or an off shore oil rig, workers compensation laws may not cover you. A set of laws called The Jones Act cover how your employer should handle your injur...

If you have been injured on a boat or an off shore oil rig, workers compensation laws may not cover you. A set of laws called The Jones Act cover how your employer should handle your injury.

Seamen who are injured on sea going vessels on navigable waters and offshore oil rigs that can be towed and are not permanently affixed to the ocean floor are covered under maritime law. Contacting a maritime attorney and talking with a lawyer specialized in maritime law can give you the knowledge and understanding about your specific situation in order to proceed with your case.

Whether you are a seaman, an officer, a harbor pilot, an oil worker, a technician, a helicopter pilot, work on a tugboat, casino boat, barge, ship, supply boat, semi-submersible drilling rig, jack-up drilling rig or if you become injured on or near the water, you should talk to a Maritime Attorney Houston before making a claim or as soon as possible thereafter. Getting the right information up front can save you lots of time, money, and peace of mind.

If you are suffering from such an injury, [http://www.1800jonesact.com/ Houston Maritime Attorneys] can help you. Maritime law is different from law on land, and Houston Maritime Attorneys can help you understand how the case of a worker injured on a boat is different from a worker injured on land. You may need a [http://www.1800jonesact.com/ Jones Act attorney in Houston] to help you out.

Boat workers are often off land for days at a time, and develop close relationships with coworkers and management staff while on the water. You may feel a sense of loyalty and camaraderie with your coworkers and your boss that may not be typical of what people experience in land construction and other jobs that don’t take them away from home for extended periods.

You may feel that if your employer is attempting to get you to come back to work after your injury, despite doctor’s orders, you are abandoning your loyalty to the employer and crew members by staying home. If this is the case, you should consult Houston Maritime Attorneys. Remember, your employer’s goal is to increase productivity and make money, and if you’re injured, you need to think about yourself and what you’re entitled to.

If you’re ready to call Houston Maritime Attorneys, make sure they are experienced in maritime law, particularly as it pertains to injured workers, and will take into consideration the unique situation that surrounds your case.

Understand your rights, and get the settlement you deserve.

Understand The Mariner, Their Plight and Their Rights

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Summary: New page: Seamen, mariners, ship and yard workers face great challenges at sea, and have done so since man took to the seas. For facing the special challenges of this environment, sailors have been...

Seamen, mariners, ship and yard workers face great challenges at sea, and have done so since man took to the seas. For facing the special challenges of this environment, sailors have been awarded claim to a law, the Jones Act, with which they may balance their perils with the rights divined by man and country.

Mariners have long cast their fate at sea, among waves, squalls, and an unknown unlike the unknown man faces on land. Long hours on watch, at work and manning many different marine operations have made maritime service one of the most dangerous ones out there. The Jones Act really gives mariners a fighting chance to claim their rights, and collect on any negligence they might see in their time of service.

The risks that these brave people have taken on the seas, doing mankinds business on the oceans and waterways, is a service to all human beings. They have charted our explorations, hunted our whales, and brought us our oil. They deserve full treatment for the service, and full respect of their rights by law and by life.

A [http://www.1800jonesact.com/ Jones Act Attorney] can protect these offshore workers in their time of need. The risks that these folks take are great, and this law works to take care of them and their families.

These types of incidents and injuries have gone so far relatively unnoticed before Senator Wesley Jones helped make a difference for all sailors, seamen and shore workers. He supported the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act. This changed the concepts of many things pertaining to the Maritime industry at large, but it also helped sailors and maritime workers with an actual law to balance their rights with. Remember the days when accidents were just chalked up to being part of a personal undertaking?

It is really a fright to think of a world without these kind of rights for those who take the risk of working at sea or on waterways. The existence of these rights mean development and evolution in the ways which we take care of and respect the rights of all human beings.

So many fathers, mothers, daughters and sons have gone to sea with grand dreams of working in the water ways they love, only to leave those other families and friends behind on land. The Jones Act helps to set both parties minds at ease. This great law of mariner rights protects those mariners and those whom they love.

A [http://www.1800jonesact.com/ Jones Act lawyer] is, in a sense, a personal guide to those who need to seek their rights and make a claim. The maritime industry is riddled with danger, yet its excitement draws hundreds to seek its riches. Those who are injured seeking this life at sea have a claim to these rights set up by the Jones Act. Mariners are now protected under law, and mariners families can have a bit more peace of mind than the did back in the day. Did you know that many seaman were simply kidnapped and forced into service by many of the worlds navy services? This is the type of treatment seaman were previously give. When seamen returned home from their journey, they were often treated as though they did not have a place, nary belong, on land.

Most seaman could only hope for a decent burial, and even that was sometimes a long shot. The Jones Act helped bring peace of mind to those laboring hard in the eternally toiling waves of the oceans and waterways. Their families, whom they saw infrequently and for short periods of time were given some sense of security, if ever an accident were to occur to their loved one.


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I'm amazed by all these geeks that post govt secrets that don't realize that they need to set up an untraceable account. Really, you only need a mail drop, an assumed name, a prepaid credit card you get at many stores to set up service...... or if you really are adventurous, you tap into someone else's service......

in the good old days it was called using a back line.... the guy running the betting parlor would have a telephone cord two blocks long running through the underground... when the police busted down the front door of the residence where the phone was located, he was 2 blocks away and could easily disappear :)

Your computer has the ability to set up your own INTRANET we did it BEFORE the internet was invented. ((Yes I'm that ancient :) When I grew up we used Slide Rules )) It was done two ways. Your computer dialed up other computers and sent them the contents of a message board.... or local people dialed into your computer..... A nationwide system can be set up this way with a central location sending to many cities then each city sending out the info locally..... Lewis in San Diego

Maintenance Tips and Driving Habits That Help to Save Gas

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Summary: New page: The work commute is the most common use for a car and any fuel savings that we generate will translate to a bonus at the end of the month. Saving fuel begins with proper car maintenance fi...

The work commute is the most common use for a car and any fuel savings that we generate will translate to a bonus at the end of the month. Saving fuel begins with proper car maintenance first and foremost. Even if you have the best driving techniques in the world, a sloppily maintained car will always consume more fuel over a car in well-maintained condition.

It’s no secret that car manufacturers always aim to build the lightest cars possible in spite of all the safety and performance regulations that they have to hurdle. A lighter car always burns less fuel so do like the manufacturers and look in your car and trunk. You may have accumulated some stuff that just rides along with no purpose at all. Store or give them away.

Basic maintenance tips that will save fuel include:

1. Getting an oil change: Following the manufacturer’s scheduled oil changes will reduce friction in the engine and make it run more easily.
2. Tire pressures: Tires that are below their recommended pressure present more rolling resistance and friction, forcing the engine to work harder and burn more fuel for a given speed. Keep and use a tire gauge in your car.
3. Wheel alignment: This is an oft-forgotten and neglected item of car maintenance. A misaligned car not only uses more fuel, it also wears down your tires faster. That’s a double blow to your operating costs.
4. Follow your car’s general maintenance schedule. Check and clean your air filter regularly. This is something that you can easily do yourself. All the little things that make a car run more efficiently also result in fuel savings. Add these all up and you get significant savings.

Now that you’ve ensured that you car consumes gas as efficiently as the manufacturer intended it to, look at your driving habits to see areas of improvement. The driving habits that promote fuel savings are:

1. Carpool to work. This is not a driving tip per se but how many half-filled cars do you see on your way to work? Imagine your fuel savings if you took your car to work 2-3 times a week instead of the usual 5-6. Another advantage of car pooling is that you also reduce your maintenance costs because your car will be accumulating less mileage.

2. Look at alternative fuels. LPG, ethanol mixes and bio diesel are all viable fuel alternatives nowadays and they cost less, sometimes a lot less, than regular gasoline or diesel. Older cars may not be able to tolerate these fuels so check with your mechanic.

3. Consider using public transportation. Even if you don’t do this everyday, the savings will add up at the end of the month.

4. If you have another car, choose the one that uses less fuel and share it with your housemate. You can also consider trading a spare car for a hybrid or a small urban commuter.

5. Manual transmission cars always use less fuel compared to an automatic of the same model.

6. Coast instead of braking at the last moment: Long before you approach a stop sign, an intersection or see traffic ahead, take your foot off the gas pedal and let your car slow by itself. Brake at the last few seconds. By then, you will have brought your speed down to single digits and you can apply the brake gently.

7. Cruise Control: This setting has been proven to help conserve fuel. Use it whenever possible.

8. Find a route that experiences less traffic or has less traffic lights. Stop and go driving increases fuel consumption significantly.

9. Roll down the windows. If you don’t need to use your air conditioner, keeping it off will reduce the drag on you engine and you will save a huge amount of fuel. Bear in mind though that driving at highway speeds with the windows down also increases drag so it will be a trade off of when you use your air con or not.

10. Turn off the engine if you anticipate it idling for more than a minute. Dashing off to buy something with the engine on, idling in traffic, using the car’s air con while waiting for Junior. All these things are a waste of gasoline. Being conscious of the fuel you consume when the engine is running is a good frame of mind when trying to save on fuel.

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How to Monitor Server​ using the Server Monitoring Tool​s​

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Summary: By using Server Monitoring, you will instantly come to know when your website or server is down.

Server Monitoring is very much essential for the business owners to hold up their success. Monitor Server that is monitoring a web server intends that the server owner will be alerted if one or some of his services are unsuccessful. The tools or services to Monitor Server evaluate server condition and alerts the owner if any services are went down, with a certain frequency. Server Monitoring is much more reliable, as it keeps on working when the server entirely comes down. OpManager provides a single, comprehensive console for your server monitoring needs by using SNMP, WMI, CLI and Telnet⁄SSH to Monitor Server infrastructure regardless of device type or make.

Server Health Monitoring is essentially implicated with observing how a server responds to the operating load placed upon it. The intention of that monitoring is to prevent server failures by assuring that the server always holds sufficient capacity to carry on the requisite tasks. In other case the server and network availability monitoring to check your websites, servers and internet-connected devices are up and running round the clock. OpManager monitors performance and availability of websites using HTTP and HTTPS requests, from end-user perspective. Free edition permits 5 monitors in the network.

VMware ESX is an enterprise grade virtualization product by VMware. VMware ESX does not involve an implicit operating system to be loaded first. By using VMware ESX Server you can get the highest virtualization performance. OpManager has an inclusive [http://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoring/server-monitoring.html server monitoring] dashboard for ESX servers which exhibits the availability and performance trends of the ESX server and of the individual VM instances. The ESX server monitoring console allows administrators to remotely start, stop or suspend individual VM instances.

OpManager also conduct services Monitoring that is, at the time of device discovery, OpManager discovers all the services running on your Windows as well as Linux servers and associates availability and response time monitors to these. OpManager also supports adding monitors for custom services running on TCP ports.

Processes monitoring is an significant ​function in a server monitoring activity. Through processes monitoring you can make sure that a important process is running, make sure that undesirable processes are not running, lift up consciousness of processes utilizing so much CPU time, track memory usage of a process and as well monitor fluctuations of process threads. This monitoring lets you to find out and handle and set thresholds across mulitple servers from a single window. The Remote Process Diagnostics section caters a prompt view of the elevative processes by CPU and Memory utilization letting you to finish troubling processes remotely.

Windows Services Monitoring lets you to monitor all your crucial services from a single monitoring workstation. OpManager monitors Windows Services for example, Alerter, FTP, Net Logon, DHCP Server, IAS, Print Spooler and more. OpManager is competent to attempt to restart services that are unavailable. Alerts can be sent when a service becomes unavailable. It monitors availability and response-time for the windows services.

Windows Eventlog monitoring is a powerful solution for screening, monitoring and analyzing events listed in Security, System, Application and another logs of Windows operating systems. This server monitoring tools provides standardized Windows Event Viewer monitoring functionality and institutes many new features. This tools are useful for both troubleshooting when things go improper and monitoring performance and behavior. OpManager can support you to notice failed log ins, login failures, account lockouts, failed attempts to access secure files, security log tampering and so on by processing Windows security Event logs. Additionally OpManager can as well monitor application logs, system logs and other event logs.

URL and website monitoring tool is helpful to monitor the availability and performance of web pages of your web application. It checks if your website pages are accessible. If there is any issues in accessing alerts are sent and corrective actions can be initiated. Website performance monitoring feature check out for diverse attributes such as response time and so on. OpManager lets you to monitor a URL and lookup for a particular text on the page. If suppose the text is nonexistent you can be instantly alerted to make you informed that your website has been compromised.

The foremost advantage lies behind the utilization of server monitoring will be the prevention of unfavourable problems that will significantly cripple the functionalities of the system.The tools that are used to Monitor Server is crucial to successfully diagnose possible server issues. If the Server Monitoring is ignored at a certain point of time greater problems will unquestionably arise in the end.

How to Monitor Network using the features of Network Monitoring Tools

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Summary: Network Monitoring is simply an investment that will offer you a return very quickly.

Network monitoring means to the activity of managing the performance of a computer network using specific Network Monitoring Tools. Network Monitoring systems are utilized to make sure the availability and the whole performance of computers or hosts and network services. These Network Monitoring Tools are particularly employed on large scale corporate and university IT networks. Network Monitoring Tools from ManageEngine OpManager aids you to execute the first and second level troubleshooting based on the nature of the network fault. You need to download these tools to Monitor Network. Thirty days trial version is available to make your first try.

Ping Tools are as well sometimes named as ping commands or utilities. Ping Tools employ the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to discover the availability and responsiveness of network hosts. Ping Tools sometimes furthermore provide supplementary unified network troubleshooting features. The Internet Control Message Protocol ping program is an example of a standard network monitoring tool. OpManager Network Monitor checks servers for availability by sending ICMP Echo commands and await for the responses. From the device snapshot page in OpManager, do an instant ping and check for response.

Traceroute Tools are simply the tools which are utilized to determine the links all along a path. Traceroute Tools supplies input data in an well intelligible manner. Results from quite a few essential network identification tools are incorporated into an overall connectivity report, putting up a smooth view of connection performance report including packet loss and latency for each network hop. Traceroute Tools can assist you find out why your connections to a specific server might be poor, and can oftentimes aid you recognize where exactly the trouble is. Trace the route from OpManager to the destination device, check the number of hops to the monitored device and spot the exact point of delay or outage. Again, this serves as a first level troubleshooting and based on the response, you can switch to other monitoring tools to drill down a fault.

Checking for the devices that are affiliated to each switch/hub port on your network can be a much complicated issue. But now with the help of Switch Port Mapper these connections are determined instantly. As a matter of fact, the Switch Port Mapper generates a logical map of which ports are joint with which IP addresses within a few seconds. The Switch Port Mapper is a network monitoring tool that gives you the MAC address, IP Address and DNS names of the devices connected to the switch. This tool helps you visualize the port-wise connectivity of devices to the network switches which is essential to support troubleshoot high traffic issues.

Through the feature of Real Time Graphs you can do an instant check on the current resource performance that helps in assessing how severe the performance impact is. This feature helps to instantly know and resolve the severe downtimes. It would be helpful to find out if it is a transient spike or it has been that way for some time. OpManager Real time graph feature let the administrator to instantly access and resolve them quickly.

The Remote Process Diagnostics network monitoring tool is utilized for server performance monitoring. This prevents from network downtime by admitting network admins to discriminate faults, handle diagnostic data and improves internal network security. This tool lets you terminate the offending process in real time and prevent a server crash.

A MIB Browser lets you to extract data from SNMP enabled devices. As well you can view, operate, and set the data available through the SNMP agent running on a managed device. The in-built trap viewer lets you look at all the incoming traps including the devices that are not managed in OpManager. The MibBrowser is a encompassing network monitoring tool to troubleshoot all SNMP related monitoring issues.

The Syslog Viewer in OpManager lets you analyze the syslog packets sent by the devices to the OpManager server. This network tool assists an administrator to observe if the monitored devices are correctly transmitting the messages to the organized syslog server. You can pick out to monitor particular syslog messages by configuring syslog monitoring rules by filtering the rules that compete specific criteria.

SSH is a protocol that can be exploited to log into a remote machine and supply secure encrypted communications between your server and your local computer. And the Telnet client is simple and functional. This Telnet/SSH tool from OpManager functions as a first and second level troubleshooting utility as it makes you act instantly on predictable alerts using CLI commands. Similarly you can authenticate to remote Windows devices from OpManager using the Remote Desktop Connection tool and execute the admitted operations on the device.

The new generation network devices accompany a built-in GUI to telnet to the devices. You can plug in to the GUI using the http/https access. You can access OpManager anywhere and anytime using the new SmartPhone GUI. This allows you figure out your infrastructure, act on the alerts, drill-down to the root cause of the problem without having to be physically exist in your server room to resolve a fault.

Network Monitoring Tools are crucial tools for offering new services and experiences, enhancing user productivity, increasing your organization's ability to grow and remain competitive. [http://www.manageengine.com/network-monitoring/network-monitoring-tools.html Network Monitoring Tools] can aid your business by, enhancing business communications, ​conforming to networking best practices and standards, ensuring continuous uptime and network reliability, giving network administrators meaningful information and more.

How to Manage Projects using Project Management Software

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Summary: Project Management is the program of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project process so as to cope with or meet client requirements and expectations from the project.

The intention of using ZOHO Project Management Software is to assist your project team in achieving the project goals. Project management software is mostly utilized to administer the large complex projects. ZOHO Project Management Software tools available online that can aid you with this sort of management, from visual aids like graphical charts and time sheet tracking, to collaborative controls, enabling the project teams to bring up better outcomes together. It is a perfect mix of Bug tracking Software and Issue Management Software Applications.​

After registering with ZOHO the initial step you have to do is create a new project. This generates you a set up to collect documents, notes, group action ideas and so on. Provides a place to fill in all the project information that is essential to have on hand and reference. Project Dashboard contains a Profile page to fill information about the people who issued the project or personnel details, company information and task templates.

In the Dashboard there will be a section to assign tasks and milestones. There you can fill in the information concerning to the tasks, starting and ending date, status, priority, person involved and so on.​ And there is a section for Gantt charts and reports which elaborates the start and finish dates of the concluding factors and compact summary of a project.

Next section denotes Bug Tracking section that helps you submit, track and fix the bugs and issues. This Bug Tracking Software module that is incorporated with Project Management Software helps you to submit and organize issues, configure permissions, define individual work flows for different projects, configure email notifications, define Business Rules, changing the severity, priority, the module, the issue type, assign issue to a user, set severity and classifications, and to know the number of bugs that needs to be fixed.

The calender section lets you save the task details as a note and schedule a meeting. Not only can you add, but you can also view the details concerning to the Tasks, Milestones, and Meetings date wise for your reference. The next section denotes Meeting​ where you can plan, schedule and organize m​eetings held which includes the scheduled time, location, duration, participants and so on.​

With the help of the Document section you can upload documents from your system that are relevant and helpful to the project. The time tracking module in the Project Management Software helps you to log and view how much time is utilized or utilizing by the project members.​ It is helpful to track time, run reports, export timesheet data in desired format, send invoices and bill your clients.

There will be additionally a forum section to discuss and get instant advice on issues concerned to the Project. Escalate critical bugs and get immediate solution from experts in the team with project forums.​ Use Zoho Wiki for Online Team Collaboration. It is helpful to create private group workspaces and share knowledge. Use chat section to collaborate and instantly communicate with your project team members. Both of these features facilitates communication between people and enhance knowledge sharing among team members.

Use Project Users section for user management. There you can add or remove users, define user permissions and provide secure​ access.​ It is all about controlling various activities a group of users can perform on a project. With this you can have total control provided with a fine level of visibility of a project that is everything at a single place.

The most significant point we have to remember when it comes to [http://www.zoho.com/projects/ Project Management] is finishing the project on time with a successful outcome. Using Project management Software applications to track and outline the project making it comfortable to keep everyone up to date and well informed. A good project management software can help you to make sure every project is a success.

Conquer PCOS With A Natural Treatment

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Summary: In a PCOS treatment for infertility, specific diet, exercise program and weight reduction measures should be established...

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an endocrine disorder that deals with the hormonal imbalances that happen to a woman’s body. This situation is described by over production of the male hormone, androgen and decreased estrogen production that specifies female features. Other studies suggest that 70% of the patients suffering PCOS have encountered insulin resistance while 10% of them experience difficulty in conceiving a child.

In a [http://pcostreatmentsuccess.com/pcos-and-infertility/pcos-treatment-and-infertility-a-real-challenge-for-women/ '''PCOS treatment for infertility'''], specific diet, exercise program and weight reduction measures should be established. Medical therapies are also advised. This involves several drug therapies and surgical procedures like In Vitro Maturation (IVM) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). On the other hand, in order to deal with insulin resistance, Metformin may be prescribed. If you prefer natural alternatives, you may use apple cider vinegar to keep a low glycemic index. Vitamin supplements for vitamins B, A, C and E are also given. They help maintain normal insulin levels, and have been found beneficial due to their antioxidant properties. Furthermore, signs of acne may also be observed due to excessive androgen levels. You can opt to use saw palmetto as an herbal alternative. Essential fatty acids like omega 3, 6 and 9 are also recommended. These fatty acids promote a healthy reproductive system.

Basically, these alternatives will surely be effective upon proper discussion with your doctor. Make sure that you consult one so that proper advice on the right [http://pcostreatmentsuccess.com/ '''PCOS treatment plan'''] will be given to you. Furthermore, it will be advised that you keep the basics towards a healthy body. When proper diet, exercise, medical considerations and natural alternatives are done hand-in-hand, efficient results may be expected.

Important Steps to Take If You Are Involved in a Car Accident

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Summary: New page: No one in his or her right mind would want to get involved in an accident. It helps a lot if your attitude as a driver is to drive defensively. That kind of attitude lowers your chances of...

No one in his or her right mind would want to get involved in an accident. It helps a lot if your attitude as a driver is to drive defensively. That kind of attitude lowers your chances of getting into an accident significantly. However, for anyone who drives, statistics dictate that sooner or later, you will get into one. Let’s just hope that the severity of any accident you get involved in will allow you to walk away from the vehicle and take the steps enumerated here.

The first thing is for you not to move your car from the accident scene so that the police will have an accurate scene for their report. Call the police. Before exiting the vehicle, look around for traffic that may sideswipe you or the car’s passengers. Make sure that everyone in the accident zone has not suffered injury that requires immediate care. If there is a life-threatening situation (like the car catching fire), evacuate everyone from the immediate vicinity.

If there is no situation that requires immediate, emergency action, use a camera or your cellphone to record the accident scene. This will be a big help specially if you have to move your car to keep it from obstructing traffic. Despite the advice not to move your car, it will not always be possible to keep your car on the accident lane, so obtaining a visual record of the accident scene is of critical importance. Your pictures should include the overall accident scene, pictures of vehicle damage (yours and the other party’s) and pictures of the people involved in the accident. You may face a personal injury suit later and your pictures may help you in such an occasion.

Always keep a cool head when you talk to the other party involved in the accident. There is nothing to be gained in picking a fight anyway and discussing the accident in a rational manner will keep things from getting out of hand. After an accident, everyone involved will be shaken up, so level-headed thinking will be tremendously helpful and more constructive. Bear in mind that since this matter may make it to the courts, it would not be good to admit or say anything that may have a bearing on a legal case down the road. Just collect whatever information you can, including the other driver’s information. Don’t forget to take down license plate numbers, driver’s license numbers, full names, telephone numbers and addresses. Document other information that you think may be important to yourself and to the police.

Buy or assemble a first-aid kit that you will always have on the vehicle. And learn some basic first aid. The same thing goes for keeping a small flashlight in the car as accidents never pick a convenient time or place to happen. Use the first-aid kit to tend to treatable injuries until the paramedics arrive.

If the accident is more than a minor fender-bender, it is advisable to contact an attorney who will take preparatory steps in case a dispute is elevated to the courts.

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