Elegant Victorian Doll House Contest Giveaway

We make beautiful crafts, our customers love us. As a small company we need to get the word out, so we are going to host a contest for our elegant laser cut wood Victorian Doll House kit.

How to win: (Three Simple Steps)

1) Visit our craft shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/PhoenixLaser

2) Pick one of our items you like and write about it.

3) Post a message to our comment thread that tells us your participating.

At the end of October we will pick a winner randomly.

Fine Print Details -

The item you write about needs to be posted to your facebook wall, blog, or other social media website so your friends can see it. The post needs to include a link to our shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/PhoenixLaser , and a link to our contest page so others can participate.

Visit our website at http://www.phoenixlaserengraving.com and reply to our contest message letting us know your participating. In your message let us know where we can find your post that tells people about our craft product you like. Remember your post that tells people about our craft item you like, must include a link to the contest page also http://phoenixlaserengraving.com/?q=node/52
(this page your reading right now).

At the end of the October we will pick one person randomly from the list of people who entered.

You must enter by posting us a message by midnight Oct 15, 2010.

Important Links -

Our Craft Shop

Contest Page


We have contacted Jennifer via email and FaceBook, as soon as we get your mailing address your Victorian Doll House will be in the mail.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us spread the word.

As a parting gift to everyone who participated we will be providing laser engraved dog tags with stainless steel chains. We just need you to email us or post here what you would like laser engraved on the front and back of your dog tags. We also need your mailing address so we can send them.



Am entering for the Victorian Doll House. Always wanted a doll house to decorate but we were too poor when I was a girl, then I raised 4 children as a single parent then I cared for my Mom and My Aunt until they passed then I retired and am living on pension so I guess the only way I will ever get one it to win it so here goes. My favorite laser cut item though is the Eifel Tower. Was lucky enough to go to Paris this past summer as a guest of the Nursing organization that I was a member of when I was practicing and I swear this laser cut simulation looks like the real thing. All are really amazing.
Here is URL to the page: http://www.etsy.com/listing/37529339/laser-cut-3d-eiffel-tower-great-for
Also liked you on FB.