New product possibilities ( Ancient text in native language laser engraved into glass mosaic tiles )

Phoenix Laser Engraving has successfully taken the first 111 characters of the Chinese text version of "The Art of War" and precisely laser engraved each Chinese character into one mosaic glass tile. The glass mosaic tile is from Premium Glass Mosaics, each tile is 1x1", with a 0.2" gutter between each glass mosaic tile. Once the template was created in CorelDraw it was just a matter of time to center each character vertically across the 11x11 mosaic grid.

We engrave each character in reverse into the back of the Premium Glass Mosaic tile, so when it's removed from the laser machine and turned over the characters appear properly from the front. Engraving from the back preserves the smooth finish of the glass tile, and prevents damage to the engraved text from normal wear and tear.

We also have a gold tone glass mosaic pattern from Premium Glass Mosaics with significant sparkles throughout, the tiles are smaller but still have the 0.2" gutter between rows and columns. We anticipate laser engraving the Egyptian Book of The Dead into these tiles.

I do not plan on completing the entire texts unless someone commissions the work, it would take considerable time and resources financially, it has been a great proof of concept that shows the clarity and precision of our laser equipment.

Like normal below are photos and a video of our work, also a link to the translation used for "The Art of War".

Link to Chinese / English translation of "The Art of War"

Example of Bamboo Book Binding Page for "The Art of War"
The Art of War. (2010, January 23). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 03:32, January 25, 2010, from

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