Mesa Community College Gem and Mineral Show

What a Great Day we had today. A last minute decision brought us to the annual MCC Gem and Mineral show as a vendor this year instead of just browsing. We shook hands with a lot of people and talked a lot about our laser equipment and what we can do with natural stone, ceramic tile, glass and more... We handed out 'ALL' of our wooden popsicle stick business cards; people loved them and thought they were the coolest thing. Several people even asked if the business cards were free.

Even after we ran out of cards people were asking for contact details, and we started mass producing paper cards with our website and number.

I am very happy with the warm reception we received from the other vendors and the hospitality of our neighbor who graciously allowed the coordinators to use some of his reserved space so we could be right at the entrance.

We were not selling anything today although there was a lot of requests for our items, including the wooden Eiffel Tower we brought to show that we can also do other things besides engrave stone and tile.

Kids walking by with their parents were unknowingly drawn to our table just because of the puzzle. I could hear kids across the isle and several booths away excitedly saying "Look Ma it's the Eiffel Tower".

Once the parents got closer and saw our Granite and Marble engravings they immediately started asking questions and I could see the inspirational thoughts going through their minds as they started to picture what flare and charm they could add to their own home with one of our creations.

I would love to go and participate again tomorrow but we are to worn out, but do look forward to participating again next year.

The Apache Junction Rock and Gem Club is going to have a show soon and we are going to work with Katy Tunnicliff to create something beautiful we can donate to their auction. We also had the opportunity to meet Alexandra and Victoria from Heterodyning who make fascinating Steampunk themed works of art. If you like movies like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Disney Atlantis, or other Victorian style technological movies you have to check out Heterodyning.