Phoenix Laser Engraving provides custom fabrication of creative expressions through the use of cutting edge laser technology. Our equipment can cut or engrave various materials from delicate paper models, to natural stone and granite blocks.

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The possibilities are endless; everyday new ideas and materials are tested in our laser equipment and the results are fascinating.

We also make it possible for independent designers without access to expensive laser equipment to use us as a fabrication service. If you can use CorelDraw, we can help you achieve your goals.

Phoenix Laser Engraving currently stocks various types of wood, natural stone, ceramic tile, plastics, anodized aluminum, paper, and other textiles.

We look forward to working with you and impressing you with our quality precision work.

Laser Technical Details:
Maximum engraving / cutting area - 24" x 12" (610 x 305 mm)
Maximum Material Thickness - 7.5" (190.5 mm)
State-of-the-art, digitally controlled, air-cooled CO2 laser.
Radiance Optics - High resolution optics
Resolution - 100 to 1000 dpi

Phoenix Laser Engraving
3831 E Menlo St.
Mesa, AZ 85215
(480) 380-5791

Marble Aztec Calendar

I did another Aztec Calendar tonight on Blood Marble, it took almost two hours to complete but it looks great. I can't decide if I like the Black Granite Aztec Calendar or the Blood Marble Aztec Calendar, both are 12"x12" and almost 1/2 inch thick.

Now I am running the 2010 calendar from a CorelDraw template (included macro) on another piece of 12"x12" black granite. It's late and I figured I had time for one more, the center will be blank on this standard American Calendar, so tomorrow the wife and I can figure out what we want in the middle.

New Material (Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Stone)

Went to Home Depot today and bought 1 piece of each kind of tile (material) they had available. Going to experiment with the Aztec calendar and engrave it on each one. The results will be posted here later.

Well I did some of the material, the pictures do not do justice for the actual outcome. I have to say the Granite Aztec Calendar looks totally wicked awsome!

Kids and shop equipment

When I was young growing up in New York, my friends and I would build tree houses in the woods. Our fathers had all sorts of tools, hand and power (gas and electric). One of my favorite tools was a Craftsman Radial Arm Saw in our basement, I remember after school when no one was home I would cut wood on it, either because I wanted to be like my dad or thought it was cool. I can remember the anxiety as a boy when I would start the saw and the piercing noise was scary, even more scary was the anticipation of the saw kicking back on me.

Mass Production Items

Currently we are able to mass produce the following items:

Wooden Dinosaur Kit(s)
Woolly Mammoth Wood Dinosaur Kit
The Mammoth can be scaled to various sizes, bulk production is 10" x 6.5"
19 pieces
See attached photos, one includes a standard paper index card as an example of how the product can be resized for custom material.

Positive Affirmation Polished River Kanji Stones
Easily customized in bulk orders of 20 or more
See attached photos

Anonized Aluminum Dogtag IDs
Qty 20 or more for customization

Kanji Designs from

There is a great internet website that provides great quality images for "FREE" (for personal use). The website is , they have a GREAT (I mean SUPER GREAT) section of Kanji Characters. If your not sure what Kanji Characters are then I will tell you in one sentence. Kanji is a beautiful Japanese / Chinese form of writing, there are estimated to be about 50,000 "Letters", and each one has a special way of drawing it. has a lot of information about the subject .

Goodwill + IKEA + Laser Engraver = Great Christmas Gifts

Last Saturday morning we went to Goodwill because they were having a 50% off everything sale. Well while my wife strolled around I had my eyes open for things I could stick in the laser machine. I found some great leather and faux leather notebooks (day planners), picture frames, mirrors, etc...

Tonight I made some really wonderful customized mirrors for the kids teachers. I went to to download some FREE Kanji Symbols and away I went.

Laser Engraving Jeans (Denim Blue)

My daughter wanted me to laser engrave something on her jeans. So I wouldn't upset her, god forbid I ruined them, I firsted tested laser engraving denim with an old pair of my Levis or Lees, maybe they're Wranglers.

It seemed to work pretty well, I had to reduce the laser power several times so I wouldn't damage the denim material to much. Eventually I figured out a good combination of speed and power and dpi.

Anyway - see the pics below, the settings I eventually wrote down as my future reference are:
100% speed
15% power
200 dpi

Business Cards - Laser Engraved Popsicle Sticks

What's a cheap and unique business card for a garage startup that does Laser Engraving and Cutting?

Wooden Popsicle Sticks, engraved with the company logo and details!

It took a while to line up so many little sticks and create a template in CorelDraw. But it's all part of the learning curve of the new machine.

Free Online Project Plans - Some really interesting pieces

I think this Logical Cube Game puzzle will be my first project to break in the laser. Not sure if I should model it in Blender first or just go straight to InkScape and send it to the laser.

Free Online Patterns

Here is a nice site with a lot of free patterns that can be fabricated with the laser cutter.

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